Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes provide a rock climber with extra traction and gripping strength on the rocks. The shoes should not be used for hiking or other walking.

All climbing shoes are sized in European sizes. Climbing shoes should fit snuggly but not painfully.

Fees: 1 Day 2 Day Week Additional Days
Shoes $3.00 $5.20 $15.00 $2.00

Bouldering Pad

Bouldering pads are used to provide boulderers (climbers climbing without ropes close to the ground) with padding underneath their climb.

Caution: Pads are not failsafe. It is still possible to get injured from falling depending on the type of fall, how high the climber is when they fall, and whether the climber hits the pad.

Our pads are Misty Mountain . They fold up and buckle and have shoulder straps for transportation.

Fees: 1 Day 2 Day Week Additional Days
Bouldering Pad $5.00 $8.25 $23.50 $3.50