Pot Set

We have one pot set that includes three pots and three pans/lids that “nest” together.

Cook kits include three sizes of pots and lids. These are backpacking pots that are lightweight and can be used to cook for three to five people.

Fees: 1 Day 2 Day Week Additional Days
Pot Set $1.00 $1.75 $5.00 $0.75


These are Coleman white gas stoves. They are lightweight and small, perfect for backpacking or other hiking needs.

Stoves are easy to use. The directions are printed on the side of each stove.

Each stove has a built-in fuel bottle that will last a few days. If the renter is going on an extended trip, a separate fuel bottle can be provided.

Backpacking Stove

Fees: 1 Day 2 Day Week Additional Days
Backpacking Stove $2.00 $3.50 $9.75 $1.50


These are Coleman, two burner propane stoves. They are perfect for car camping or extended trips that don’t require lightweight packing.

These stoves run off of propane cartridges that are attached to the fuel line on the side of the stove. Cartridges are not provided by the ORC. They are available to purchase at stores that sell camping supplies. A cartridge should last 2-3 days with light use.

Directions for stove use are located underneath the lid.

2 Burner Camp Stove

Fees: 1 Day 2 Day Week Additional Days
2 Burner Camp Stove $3.00 $5.25 $15.00 $2.00