We rent two types of bikes.  

Comfort bikes are good for riding on rail-trails, paved roads and some gravel roads. They are not mountain bikes, so if they are used on mountain bike trails, they will get damaged easily. Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

Mountain bikes (Specialized Stumpjumper) are an entry level bicycle that has hydraulic disk breaks, front suspension and an aluminum frame.  These are appropriate for cross country trails that you find at local riding locations.  

Helmets are included with every bike rental at no extra cost. These helmets are designed to help keep a bicycle rider safe in case of a crash. It is a law in the Morgantown city limits that bicyclists wear a helmet.

Fees: 1 Day 2 Day Week Additional Days
Bicycle & Helmet $8.50 $14.50 $41.00 $7.00
Mountain Bike & Helmet $17.50 $30.00 $84.00 $14.00
Bike Rack

Bike Rack

These are Thule trunk racks and can hold up to three bicycles.

These racks will not fit properly on all vehicles. They fit more consistently on hatchbacks and sedans with a protruding bumper or license well. Vehicles with straight up and down backs (vans, SUV’s, etc.) are less likely to work with our rack. Because racks will not work with all vehicles, check vehicle and try to fit the rack prior to renting. If the rack does not fit properly, do not rent it.

Fees: 1 Day 2 Day Weekend Week Additional Days
Bike Rack $3.00 $5.25 $5.00 $14.50 $2.50

Child carrierChild Carrier/Trailer

This trailer is a fun way to take small children (up to 2) on a bike ride with you. The trailer can also be used on bike tours to carry gear. It has a 100lb carrying capacity. Caution should be taken as the trailer is wider than a bicycle and easier to bump into hazards near the trail/road.

Anyone who rides in the trailer behind a bike should also wear a helmet.

The trailer is collapsible by removing all pins and folding it.

Fees: 1 Day 2 Day Week Additional Days
Child Carrier/Trailer $8.00 $13.75 $38.50 $6.50