Dolly Sods Backpacking

The Outdoor Recreation trips program is focused on getting people outside to explore new places, gain skills, meet new people, and have fun. A wide range of trips include beginner through advanced skill opportunities in backpacking, kayaking, climbing, camping, hiking, bicycling, skiing, and much more.

Day and Weekend Trips  - Single-day trips include tours of local outdoor areas.  Skills and safety instruction are an integral part of every trip so that participants can reduce the risks of the activity, participate actively in the trip, and go on their own trips in the future.

January 15 – February 28th – WISP & Seven Springs Weekday Ski Shuttle

Tuesday & Wednesday (one day every other week) at 3:30pm we will take a van to WISP. Thur. every other week we will take a van to Seven Springs. There will be 8 spots available. Dates: Jan. 15, 21, 23, 29. Feb. 4, 6, 12, 18, 20 & 26th. Sign up early to reserve your spot. $35 pays for the shuttle and lift ticket to Wisp. $40 pays for the shuttle and lift ticket to Seven Springs (ski or snowboard rental extra).   

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January 26 & Feb. 23 – Downhill Ski Day Trip 

We will provide a lift ticket and transportation to Canaan Valley Ski Resort. Add ski or snowboard rental for $10. Medium physical difficulty; beginner skill level. Cost: $50 or $60 with gear

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February 16th - Wheel Mill Bike Trip

The Wheel Mill is an 80,000 square-foot indoor cycling park full of ramps and trails of all kind, with 8 different rooms offering terrain from beginner to expert riders. This trip will include travel to and from the Wheel Mill and we'll all go out for food in the Strip District afterwards (not included in the cost). WVU bikes are available, or you can bring your own. Medium physical difficulty; beginner skill level. Cost: $65 (includes bike), $55 (w/out bike) 

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February 21-23  Winter Camping Trip   

Want to take your camping experience to the next level?  Test yourself and learn skills to keep yourself happy and warm.  Solitude and quiet are the norm for winter trips.  We will camp and do day hikes in the Mon. National Forest for our winter experience.  If there is snow, we will cross country ski or snowshoe.  Medium physical difficulty; Intermediate skill level. Cost: $70 

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Spring Break: March 13-21, Florida Trip
Get ready to canoe, snorkel, swim, and camp among northern Florida’s natural springs, unique rivers and white sand beaches. Participants will visit the Suwannee River, Manatee Springs State Park, Cedar Key, Ichetucknee Springs State Park and the Santa Fe River. We will travel in 12 passenger vans with a maximum of 10 people in each van. The trip will depart on Friday, March 8th between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. We will camp in South Carolina on Friday and arrive at the first destination in Florida around dinner on Saturday. The trip will return to WVU late on Saturday, March 16th. Cost $500 
April 5 & 25 – Whitewater Day Trips  

Spring is the season for whitewater in WV.  Learn the basics of inflatable kayaking or rafting and experience one of these great local rivers. You will boat on the Cheat Narrows or the Dry Fork.  These Class III rivers are appropriate for beginners, are beautiful and thrilling. Medium physical difficulty; beginner skill level. Cost: $65  

April 26 – Aerial Adventure: Zip Line     

Go zip-lining on the only course owned and operated by a university! The tour lasts 4 hours and includes transportation to and from the SRC. Bring a friend and experience 7 platforms, 4 zip-lines, a sky bridge, a sky ladder and a 45-foot rappel. Zip speeds reach 30 mph. Low physical difficulty; beginner skill level. Cost: $32   

April 18/19 – Backpack Dolly Sods    

Experience one of West Virginia's natural wonders. Dolly Sods is a wilderness area with majestic forests, sweeping mountain views and big water falls. Medium physical difficulty; beginner skill level. Cost: $70 

April 25/26 – Ladies Backpacking Trip   - Quebec Run Wild Area   

This is a trip exclusively for the ladies and is meant to gather women from all walks of life to enjoy the woods. We encourage all outdoor newcomers to come try backpacking! Medium physical difficulty; beginner skill level. Cost: $60

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May 2 – Climbing Day Trip 
Try out climbing at Cooper’s Rock State Forest! This local destination provides great climbing on "Grit Stone." You will learn basic skills and rope climb with our Climbing Site Managers. All gear and transportation provided. Medium physical difficulty; beginner skill level. Cost: $30

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Workshops are two hour sessions intended to teach basic skills for people who want to do outdoor adventure trips on their own.  These will be focused and "hands on".  The workshops are free, but registration is required.  Workshop titles - Ski Tuning, Bike Maintenance, Stove Use and Repair, Menus and Cooking, Bikepacking, Backpacking/Route Planning.  

January 28, 5-7 pm -  Ski/ Snowboard Tuning Workshop
This workshop will focus on how downhill skis and snowboards are tuned and how to maintain your own gear.  Focus will be on fixing damage to the base, sharpening and waxing.  Bring your own gear for practice.   Cost: Free!

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February 10th, 5-7pm - Bike Maintenance Workshop

This workshop will focus on basic knowledge and skills to maintain and fix common bicycle repairs.  Topics will include: cleaning and lubing a bike, replacing/patching a tube, fixing a chain, and adjusting breaks and gears.  Bring your own bike for practice.  Cost:  Free!

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February 25th, 5-7pm - Stove Use and Repair Workshop
Learn about the different types of stoves available for camping and backcountry use.  We will go over basic care and cleaning of stoves and practice on the Whisperlite Stove.  Cost: Free! 

March 3rd, 5-7pm - Menus and Cooking Workshop 
What to make for dinner?  This and other important questions are answered in this workshop intended to help you plan for and make good food while on your outdoor trips.  Cost: Free!
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March 30th,  5-7pm - Backpacking/Route Planning Workshop 
Do you want to participate in backpacking trips on your own, but need the nitty gritty details for how to plan and create a fun and organized trip? This workshop is for you.  We will go over basics, including:  Gear, risk management, food and route planning.  Cost: Free!  
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April 1st, 5-7pm - Bike Touring  Workshop 
Like biking?  Like Camping?  Well, you can combine both for an awesome experience!  This workshop teaches you the ins and outs of bicycle touring:  how to pack, how to outfit the bike, and where to ride.  We'll go hands-on and set up a bike with all the equipment to show you exactly how to plan your next tour. 

Seminars include travel to a local spot and focus on teaching basic skills of a specific activity.  These programs have a fee and are usually one half day in length.  Seminar Titles - Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Flatwater Kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboard.


April 18 & 26, 1-5pm – Mountain Bike Seminar    

Basic skills seminars are designed to introduce fundamental technical skills.  The mountain biking seminar will cover equipment, basic riding techniques and bike control,  trail features, risk management and safety. This seminar will utilize beginner trails but allows for fun riding for those who learn quickly. Medium physical difficulty; beginner skill level. Cost: $40    

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April 18, 1-5pm - Canoeing Seminar

Basic skills seminars are designed to introduce fundamental technical skills.  The canoe seminar will cover equipment, basic strokes and boat control, basic river features, risk management, safety and self rescue, as well as fundamentals of on-water canoe tripping.  Low physical difficulty; beginner skill level.  Cost: $30

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April 19, 1-5pm - Kayak Seminar

Basic skills seminars are designed to introduce fundamental technical skills. The kayak seminar will cover equipment, basic strokes and boat control, basic river features, risk management, safety and self rescue, as well as fundamentals of on-water kayak touring.Low physical difficulty; beginner skill level. Cost: $30

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April 25, 1-5pm - SUP Seminar

Basic skills seminars are designed to introduce fundamental technical skills. The SUP seminar will cover equipment, basic strokes and boat control, risk management, safety and self rescue. Low physical difficulty; beginner skill level. Cost: $30

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Registration can be done online through WVU GO or in person at the Outdoor Rec. Center (Located in the free zone of the Student Recreation Center).  The registration process includes reserving a spot on a trip/program, payment of the fee, a waiver and a personal information form.  The online process requires that you have a WVU ID and login capabilities. 

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Who can Participate?

Current WVU students, faculty and staff as well as immediate family.  Any of these can sponsor one person to attend with them. Immediate family who do not have a WVU ID will have to register with a student or employee. 

The Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC) for ORC Programs are applied to all participants. A qualified person should meet the general EEC for AWV as well as the EEC for the specific program activities and program areas. If an applicant does not meet specific criteria, AWV might be able to accommodate an applicant, but will not do so if it significantly alters the fundamental nature of the program activity, jeopardizes the health and safety of program participants or staff, or places an undue administrative or financial burden on WVU or Adventure WV. Requests for accommodations must be submitted in writing to Adventure WV.  Please read the EEC Specifics prior to registration/participation.  

Payment Method

Students may pay through their STAR account (In person registration only). Others may pay with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover).

Refund Policy

Refunds will only be given to those who give notice more than one week prior to the trip that they cannot attend. Extended trips that require more planning must be canceled 45 days in advance and may include a non-refundable deposit. A refund may be given after this time if a replacement can be found from the trip’s wait list.


Leaders for the ORC trips are students who have gone through an extensive outdoor leadership class and have worked as Adventure West Virginia leaders over the summer. If you are interested in becoming a leader, check out this Adventure West Virginia leader web page.

Pre-Trip Meeting

Overnight trips will include a pre-trip meeting on the Thursday before the trip is scheduled. This meeting is mandatory for trip participants. It will include valuable information, such as appropriate clothing, necessary gear, what food to bring, the trip plan, and any necessary paperwork. 

Trip Difficulty

Outdoor trips, by their nature, have risks associated with them. All risks cannot be eliminated without destroying the purpose and character of the trip or seminar.

The trip difficulty scale has been created to help participants choose the correct activity for their interests and needs.

Monongahela National Forest Affiliation

West Virginia University is a partner with the Monongahela National Forest. WVU is an equal opportunity employer.