Outdoor trips, by their nature, have risks associated with them. All risks cannot be eliminated without destroying the purpose and character of the trip or seminar.

The trip difficulty scale has been created to help participants choose the correct activity for their interests and needs. It is the responsibility of the participant to decide if a trip is right for them. Due to the unpredictable nature of outdoor trips, even beginner skill level trips have the potential for high risk experiences (ie. Storms, rescues and evacuations, etc).

Trip Rating Chart:

Skill Level:
Beginner Skill Level No previous experience necessary. All basic skills will be taught during the trip. Skill seminars are usually in this category.
Intermediate Skill Level Knowledge and practice of basic skills for the activity are necessary.
Advanced Skill Level Mastery of basic and intermediate skills
for the activity are necessary.

Physical Difficulty:
Low Physical Difficulty Requires a minimum level of physical exertion/fitness or offers optional levels of participation/physical exertion. Skills
seminars are usually in this category.
Medium Physical Difficulty Requires a moderate, unavoidable level of physical exertion/fitness.
High Physical Difficulty Requires a high degree of physical exertion/fitness or takes place in remote
areas over an extended period of time.

Special Note: The staff of the WVU ORC is proud of its attention to risk management; however, we acknowledge that outdoor recreation/adventure activities have inherent risks associated with them. We make every effort to mitigate these risks; however, we cannot ensure participant safety or eliminate these risks.