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Rock Climbing


The Outdoor Recreation Center runs guided rock climbing adventures at local and regional climbing destinations. Coopers Rock is WVU's local crag that features top rope climbing and bouldering. It is best known for bouldering as it draws visitors from afar to test themselves on the classic gritstone. We also visit the New River Gorge and Pisgah National Forest in NC.  

Climbing Day Trips

The ORC runs a few day trips for climbing at Coopers Rock. Our focus is for newer climbers to try climbing outside and learning some basic skills important to rock climbing, such as tying yourself into your harness, basic safety, and technique. The sites we visit at Coopers offers a variety of different route difficulty, from beginner paths for those new to natural rock climbing, to tougher trails that prove a serious challenge! These trips are held during the middle of the day. Check out our seasonal guided trips for upcoming climbing day trips. 

Interested in renting climbing shoes or bouldering pads for your own adventure?
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